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  • “Another Peach Off the Family Tree…”

    The Blue Dress The Blue Dress – These Happy Golden Years EP

  • In the Beginning There Was The Fleece…

    Before The Vima Tresna I had a band called The Fleece. What I considered some of the best music produced with The Fleece survives to this day as honorary Vima Tresna music. The band names more often than not are merely convenient categorizing/organizing tools that in the end have very little to do with the […]


  • “The Septic”

    “The Septic”

    “You know you’re a pussy. When they letting you out of there?” “I don’t know, Evan…fuck you…two, three more weeks. I got a hole in my stomach.” “A hole. You’re a total zombie. What are they giving you? ” “They leave the incision unstitched at first to make sure the insides heal.” “Sponge baths…” “Demerol. […]