”The Lion Is Bleeding” by P.E. Tottenham

Someone stretched
The meaning of this
Common feeling
Making light of my insight

A stone has rolled
Unshored from some
Dark tomb
As a soul has crept
Aborted from that womb

This lamb’s a lion
Banished from its
Native veldt
Unfed, a vein
Left bleeding in the rain

Some eyes saw through
The meaning
Vanquished and unearthed
I saw the Lion bleeding
Smarting from its birth

Left untied
United in this sacred ride
Glueing pieces, and
Unfazed by what’s denied

P.E. Tottenham

©2017 teagown records

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“The Black Hammer” by P.E. Tottenham

Looking for a special grave
Near the center of town.
There was never a fountain &
No symbols were found…

Boston’s blue
Alachua grey
Torn at the seams
And turned away, so:





Joined up at six with
The Crystal Spick
Neamathla James Veracruz)

Got Isaac Saul Shelaylay:
(obsessed with English grammar)
Black Jew, Black Irish, and Crystal Spick
Enter the Black Hammer

And auto away
From Entropy,
Aunt Chunowa,
O, Dear Aunt Tippi…

They think:
Too much style in Subaru
But I-95
Brings the Cold North to you

Heater Core blows
Washington, DC
Crystal Spick bewares
To the Black’s reddened nose:

“Gone Heater Core’s naught
But debut of an hysteria
This auto dies slo
In the Tri-State Area…”

There’s fire in the ground
From Pennsylvania coal
So we burn down New Jersey
And it’s Pine Barren Soul

Money moves out for the gift
Of Natural Light,
Cigarettes, roman candles,
And M-80s stun the night

O, Boston, Cape Cod,
Them islands somewhere
O, why are we always
Escaping up here

–P.E. Tottenham

©2020 teagown records


“And Perfume Precedes the Dead Letter”

The moon becomes large
Two people fall in love
As another one weeps
Pantomime in Cumaquid
The girl’s lilting voice
Could she reappear?
Red sunsets behind
Driven through a dark cloud
Car is womb warm
Perfectly detailed
Metal Orange Flake
High-Gloss blood pounds ear
Accidents in cars
Children's faces blur
That angel at your side
Books left unfinished
The bed will not be made
I stare at the door
The highway past your house
Like a wave that never crashes
As you know you've always drowned:

(In Robinwood Pond)


©️2021 teagown records