How to set up your Jazzmaster trem

Guitar Bomb

I’m a huge fan of the Fender Jazzmaster offset guitar design and have owned many of them over the years from vintage instruments, to modern versions and in that time I’ve found a few neat tricks to make your Jazzmaster trem stay in tune.

Jazzmaster Trem Setup

Most Jazzmaster guitars use a trem system which has a moving bridge, along with a lock button and it appears to get many players into a real pickle when it comes to setting them up. I have found that actually they aren’t that complicated and if you follow these basic steps then you are in for a good time with your favourite offset trem. Throughout this article I’m going to refer to the trem system as the vibrato.

Neck Angle

A lot of Jazzmaster guitars need a good neck angle to get the correct ‘break angle’ for the strings, so that the trem…

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